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What is...

EMT-Basic (EMT-B)= Trained to provide Basic Life Support (BLS) care and treatment to the sick and injured. They can splint, provide airway support, administer some common medications and provide basic care to you in your time of need. EMT-B. EMT-B's are a large part of the EMS system, it is the starting point for all EMT's.

EMT-Cardiac (EMT-C)= Trained to provide all of the above and Advanced Life Support (ALS). EMT-C's can provide advanced airway support (breathing tubes), advanced medications, start IV's to administer those medications. They can also give cardiac medications as well as pain control. The normal 911 call in Rhode Island will bring you EMT-Cardiac's or EMT-Basic's.

EMT-Paramedic (EMT-P)= All of the above skill from EMT-B and EMT-C. EMT-P's are also Advanced Life Support (ALS).  EMT-P's do hundreds of clinical hours and skills in emergency rooms and rescues / ambulances.  EMT-P's can give several more drugs that EMT-C's are not allowed to. Again note that EMT-C's are the normal standard of care in the state of Rhode Island.

Drivers = These people drive the ambulance for us. This allows the EMT(s) to stay in the rear of the unit and provide you care. They are trained in basic first aid and CPR. Drivers are a very important part of our team as well!

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The wind upon our face, is often brisk and cold.
It's not always the weather, but the plight beyond control.

God surely saw a need, for the work we're pursuing.
His words echo gently, "Be not weary in well doing."

Time waits for no one, desperately we fight;
To beat the golden hour, do our job and do it right.

Sacrifice has no limit, self must be denied.
Praise does not exist, and patience has been tried.

Weakness becomes strength, courage replaces fear.
Exhaustion is forgotten, when we feel His presence near.

Prayer is our greatest tool, and first on every call.
Without God, the stumbling blocks,would surely make us fall.

In a troubled world, which we must live,there's only a 'precious few,'
Who are capable and willing, to give the way we do.

God took the best and made a team, to lend a helping hand.
He needed us to be the ones, with footprints in the sand.

Written by A North Carolina EMT!